KF5TC 法語初階(五)


(教材830元:Le nouveau Taxi 1:21-25課)

Previous knowledge of the present and the imperative tenses.

Understanding what is forbidden and allowed in public places and in a typical company / giving advice
Modal verbs / direct and indirect pronouns

Lessons from 21 to 25

Understanding what is forbidden and allowed in public places and the work place / giving advice and understanding different habits abroad

Week1:Different ways of expressing what is forbidden / examples in public places (school, restaurant, hotel, museum, plane, movie theatre…)

Week2:Understanding the rules in a company / different ways of saying what is

Week3:compulsory / the verb must and how to use it / giving advice for instance if invited to a dinner in France

Week4:Modal verbs: to want, to be able to, to know / understanding a job interview

Week5:Talking about presents / using direct pronouns (me, you, him, her, it, us, them)

Week6:Verbs with require indirect pronouns (to talk to, to smile at, to write to..) and the indirect pronouns which change: to him/ to her/ to them

Week7:Other ways of giving advice / making a proposal

Week8:Accepting and refusing / talking about one’s leisure activities

1.【舊生早鳥優惠】兩年內舊生於欲報名之課程開課日前兩週報名全期課程並完成繳 費,享有學費95折優惠。
2.【舊生揪新生方案】兩年內舊生及新生於欲報名之課程開課日前兩週同時臨櫃報名 全期課程並完成繳費,舊生享學費9折、新生享學費95折優惠。
3.【文藻人方案】文藻在校生/校友/教職員/現任推廣部教師或教職員之直系親 屬(父母、配偶、子女)需出示相關證件,於欲報名之課程開課日前兩週報名全 期課程並完成繳費,享有學費8折優惠。於欲報名之課程開課日前報名並 完成繳費,享有學費9折優惠。
4.【特約公司優惠方案】文藻推廣部之特約公司新生於欲報名之課程開課日前 報名全期課程並完成繳費,享有學費95折優惠。
5. 學費為優惠價及單一價班別,不再適用及併用以上優惠方案。



【Le nouveau Taxi! 1】  830 元


學費:4100 元


上課日期:2020/10/20 - 2020/12/8
上課時間:週二晚上  19:00~21:30

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